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Maurilio Biagi Filho Studying in a small rural school at the Santa Elisa Farm, where he also lived, was no obstacle to keep Maurilio from getting far. Even before completing his degree in Business Administration, he had already started his career as an intern at the Santa Elisa Sugar Mill. There, he worked in various positions and sectors, including Industrial, Agricultural and Administration, until he reached the position of President. During his management, Santa Elisa grew significantly, growing from crushing 118,149 tons of sugarcane per harvest to a record of 7,011,577 tons of sugarcane per harvest in 1998 when it reached the number 1 ranking position in the sector. With the death of his father in 1978, Maurilio assumed the command of the Company and the conglomerate of the Family. In the late 80s, he started the strategic restructuring of the family businesses, a long and well-developed process that was completed in 2002, when he left the Executive Board of Santa Elisa, to continue his entrepreneurial career on his own.

As Chief Executive Officer, Maurilio lead various national companies, such as: Refrescos Ipiranga (Coca-cola), Zanini Equipamentos Pesados, Renk-Zanini, AKZ Turbinas, Usina MB, Sermatec and CEVASA – Companhia Energética Vale do Sapucaí as well as various companies in different sectors, such as: Citric, Industrial, Agricultural, Fertilization and Artificial Insemination. In 1979, he founded the Demol Distillery, which later became the Moema Sugar and Ethanol Mill, one of the 10 major groups of mills in Brazil.

Currently, besides other executive roles, Maurilio holds the position of President of the Maubisa Group, Member of the Board at Aroeira Bioenergética and Pescarmona Metal Industry Council (IMPSA). Besides his activities as entrepreneur and executive, Maurilio contributes his expertise to the development of public policies through the Economic and Social Development Council of the Presidency of Brazil - CDES. As a counselor he acts in important institutions: ABDIB (Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries); AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce), UNICA (Sugarcane Industry Association); COSEMA-FIESP (São Paulo Industrial Federation Environmental Council), COSAG-FIESP (São Paulo Industrial Federation Agribusiness Council), CONSURES-FIEMG (Sustainability and Social Responsibility Council) and CEAL (The Business Council of Latin America).


Companhia Energética Santa Elisa
Maurilio dedicated 47 years to Companhia Energética Santa Elisa, becoming its Director in 1962 and President in 1980.

Refrescos Ipiranga
He worked for 32 years at Refrescos Ipiranga, becoming its President in 1979.

Zanini Equipamentos Pesados S.A.
He worked for 24 years at Zanini Equipamentos Pesados becoming its Board Member in 1986.

Founded and Presided CEVASA (Central Energética Vale do Sapucaí) up to its acquisition by Cargill in 2006.

Founded and Presided Moema Sugar and Ethanol, which was sold in January 2010 to Bunge.

2010 – Present
Founded SynCo Sugarcane Advisory.

2003 – Present
President of the Maubisa Group .

2010 – Present
Board Member of Aroeira Bioenergética Mill, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
He also presided: Renk Zanini, AKZ Turbinas, Usina MB, and Sermatec.

Board Member:

• Economic and Social Development Council of the Presidency of Brazil (CDES).
• Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (ABDIB).
• São Paulo Industrial Federation Environmental Council (COSEMA).
• São Paulo Industrial Federation Agribusiness Council (COSAG).
• Brazilian Industry and Equipment Association Council (ABIMAQ/SINDIMAQ).
• Pescarmona Metal Industry Council (IMPSA -Argentina).
• Ethanol Brokerage Society Council (SCA).
• American Chamber of Commerce Council– Brazil (AMCHAM).
• The Business Council of Latin America (CEAL).
• Sustainability and Social Responsibility Council (CONSURES - FIEMG).
• Ribeirão Preto Commercial and Industrial Association Council (ACIRP).
• World Trade Center Council (WTC).
• Aroeira Bioenergética Council.
• Mercosul Business Leader Forum.


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