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The Maubisa Group, aware of socio-environmental responsibilities, has supported and encouraged various actions that favor the environment, society and culture. Here are some projects:


RIBEIRÃO PRETO PEDRO MANUEL-GISMONDI ART MUSEUM Inaugurated on December 22nd, 1992, the MARP is situated in a building of eclectic style, built around 1908, which served as headquarters of the Recreation and Sports Association of Ribeirão Preto and later the Chamber of Aldermen. Its collection consists of approximately 1200 public works of art, among them donations and awards granted from artists such as: Ana Maria Tavares, Leon Ferrari, Rosangela Rennó Aldir Mendes de Souza, Alex Fleming, Leda Catunda, Sandra Cinto, including others. In honor of the art critic and plastic artist Pedro Manuel-Gismondi, who died in 1999, MARP was then renamed “Ribeirão Preto Pedro Manuel-Gismondi Museum of Art of” in 2000. Its dynamic annual agenda with temporary exhibitions focus on contemporary art. The MARP expositions are extended to the exhibition spaces of the “Casa da Cultura” (Culture House) and the MARP - Convention Center Unit (in partnership with the University of São Paulo).


CRECHE MODELO DA VILA VIRGÍNIAThe League of Catholic Women of Ribeirão Preto, a nonprofit Entity, was founded in 1948 and houses the “Creche Modelo Vila Virginia”, a Nursery and semi-boarding school with approximately 500 children between the ages of 06 months to 11 years.. The projects developed at the nursery aim to strengthen the children’s health and to support them in coping with their risk exposure. Children and teenagers arriving at the Nursery are malnourished and often unmotivated for recreation and education. After a few months, they show great interest in daily activities and improvement in behavior and school performance. The aim is also to improve the child’s creativity, with crafts, arts, music classes - children's choir, musical groups, piano and flute classes, thereby offering the children new possibilities and learning opportunities. The nursery also offers several services such as: medical, dental, psychological, social and cultural, such as the promotion of festivals and tours.


CASA DAS MANGUEIRAS“Casa das Mangueiras”, an experimental School Project completed 34 years in Ribeirão Preto. It is based on the philosophy: "Where Life Has Value". This pioneering educational experiment helps teenagers aged from 12 to 17 in situations of vulnerability. It is a space for living and learning, where pre-teenagers immersed in a world of violence and crime are encouraged to value life, beauty, culture and hope. The “Casa das Mangueiras” also works with adults: collectors of recyclable materials; embroiderers; and patchwork clothing and knitting women, helping them to increase their income have a better future.


The project was inspired by the need of the population living in Jardim Paiva I and other suburbs to provide them with a better quality of life. The idea was to promote the implementation of projects with environmental value. The team planted over 10,000 native and fruit trees around the river banks of Córrego dos Campos, on the hill of Bairro da Nascente and in the remaining forest areas of Bosque dos Jequitibás.


RIBEIRÃO PRETO SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRAThe Musical Association of Ribeirão Preto is a nonprofit organization, responsible for managing and maintaining Ribeirão Preto’s Symphonic Orchestra (RPSO). For more than 73 years, it has shown its devotion and love for art. From the time it was founded, on May 22nd, 1938 by the German Marx Bartsch, the RPSO developed and participated in important projects that spread classical music and reaffirmed its role in the artistic sector and the municipal and national scenarios. Maubisa Group believes in various expressions of art and supports the work of the Symphonic Orchestra of Ribeirão Preto.


Associação Beneficiente Pró-FamíliaPró-Família’s work began in 1994 with a support group for pregnant women in the Mangueira Slum, in Ribeirão Preto, where approximately 3,000 people live. Through this project, the need to help children was realized, which led to the creation of a children’s school. Throughout these years, 500 children and their families benefited from the project. Currently, there are 120 children in elementary school and 50 women in the workshops and courses. The institution's goal is to improve and to increase the number of workshops and courses offered to the families, constantly improving the quality of work. Maubisa Group supports the Charity Association Pró-Família believing in the seriousness of its work and the benefits generated for the residents of the Mangueira Slum.


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